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What is S&G?

S&G stands for Savage and Gentleman. S&G Suits is a men boutique and speakeasy. Giving our consumers exclusive opportunities to purchase handcrafted suits. With competitive prices and vast inventory. S&G Suits will only be available for purchase in store. The reason why suits are only purchased in store is because we want to make the experience feel like its one of a kind. It is a exclusivity that the customer has with his suit knowing that they are the only one with this suit.Marcus Beverly founded S&G January 2016 in San Antonio, TX. Marcus is a firm believer that a Suit is the modern day gentleman’s armor. As we get older our sense of style changes or so is should. Wearing a nice suit not only makes you look respectable you feel respectable. At S&G we know that everyone is not a fan of suits but that is because they have never had a handcrafted custom tailored suit made by us.

Where is S&G?

S&G is located in the Alamo Heights district in San Antonio, TX. Why Alamo Heights? Alamo Heights is considered one of the older neighborhoods in San Antonio; it has managed to retain a flair and appreciation for the finer things in life. This quaint, upscale neighborhood features some of the best restaurants, museums, shops and bars in the city.Alamo Heights will be a vibrant village in which to live and work by protecting and enhancing its native beauty, promoting its special sense of community, and providing excellent city services. If you're on the lookout for a unique gift or, more importantly, a special token for yourself to help you remember your time here in San Antonio, head straight to Alamo Heights to fall in love with their array of high-end shops and boutiques. This is the kind of community that a boutique and Speakeasy like S&G will thrive in.

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